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Queen Bee Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Add the simplest touch of sparkle to your wrist with this exclusive Queen Bee bracelet!

Bees are wonderful animals and play a very important part in our ecosystem.

This cute sterling silver bracelet is a subtle reminder to cherish and look after our pollinating friends, because much of what we have depends on their survival. It is also the perfect fashion statement and will grab everyone's attention wherever you go.

This is a Limited Edition item, meaning that we only have a few units in stock. Until we can manufacture more, we may be out of stock for extended periods of time.


Material: Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia
Diameter: 2.55" (6.5cm)
Thickness: 0.07" (0.2cm)
Bee: 0.59" x 0.67" (1.5cm x 1.7cm)

Shipping Info

This item ships from our warehouse. Due to current high demand, please allow ca. weeks for delivery, depending on your location.