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Drum Sticks Necklace

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Get One, Two or More for yourself or your friends!

Always pounding the table with a pencil and tapping your feet? Satisfy your inner rock star with this exclusive Stainless Steel Drumsticks Necklace.
Men or women, musicians or fans, whether you really play drums or really pretend to play (guitar hero), this necklace is a subtle tribute to your drummer passion.
It features a beautiful matching chain and solid 2" drumsticks. The perfect drummer gift idea!

Please note that the 18K Gold Plated necklace is not available as a bundle item.

Package Includes (a great bargain!):

High-quality and durable materials
Expertly crafted with acute attention to detail

Material: High-quality 316plating less Steel + 18K Gold plating (for the Gold version)
Drum Stick Length: 2" (5cm)
Chain Length: 20" (50cm)

1 Drum Sticks Pendant
1 Chain

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