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Air Pressure Wine Bottle Opener

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Open wine bottles quickly and safely without any effort or breaking corks (and get a great conversation started too)! 
If you have opened wine bottles using a traditional corkscrew, you know the struggle - it takes longer than you wished, corks break or crumble, you get your hands dirty or even sustain minor injuries due to slippery corkscrews.

The Air Pressure Wine Bottle Opener solves all of that. Open bottles in just a few seconds and without any effort, broken corks or injuries. After a single use you will declare it your default cork puller!

Why it's great:

  • It saves time
  • It's safer than traditional corkscrews
  • It does not break corks
  • It takes much less effort
  • It's easy to use
  • You don't get your hands dirty


  1. Push the needle into the cork
  2. Hold the bottle steady
  3. Start pumping until the cork pops out by itself
  4. Remove the cork by pushing the round disk downward

Please note that this wine bottle opener is not suited for sparkling wines or wines with synthetic corks. Also, the tip of the needle is very sharp - keep out of children's reach.

Length: 7.7" (19.5cm)
Diameter: 2" (5cm) 

Package Includes:
1 Air Pressure Wine Bottle Opener

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